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The association HISTORIA EUROPEANA, which was founded in spring 2011, is open to all students and researchers who are interested in modern European history. The charter members of Historia Europeana are PhD students of Department of History at Masaryk University in Brno. The association was established out of the need for rethinking our contemporary history and its key events. Our aim is to hold conferences, workshops and lectures for students and young researchers (PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers) who work on the field of Modern history, International relationships, European studies, Political science, Legal history and other related branches.

Students having different academic background can meet, discuss, get in touch with each other and enhance their perspective with findings of other academic disciplines at our events. Our members get also valuable experience by organising these conferences and events. The association has already organised four international postgraduate conferences under patronage of Department of History at Masaryk University. They were called Rethinking 20th Century European History (2012 – Europe Integrated/Divided; 2013 – Transformations of Borders; 2014 – Unarmed Conflicts; 2016 – Driving Forces in History). Our members participated in editing and publishing the collective monographs and proceedings based on the conferences. Recently we have been preparing the fifth conference having a title: Disintegration, division and termination.


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