Rethinking Europe in the 20th century:

Transformations of Borders

PhD Candidates Scientific Conference

Brno 10th - 11th April 2013

The second conference: Thinking Europe in the 20th century which takes place 10th -11th April 2013 is called Transformations of Borders. It is linked to our last PhD candidates’ scientific conference which dealt with 20th century European history. Here will be presented papers that are specialized in transformations, changes and shifts of borders not only in the geopolitical sense but in the social, cultural and economical sense, as well. We understand the transformation of borders in the way of their formation and demise, move and overcrossing – all that in the international context. In general, we would like to grasp a process of changeability of borders and how the changes are perceived by a society. A focus of all presentation papers will be on the causes, impacts and influence of these changes over historical development during 20th century European history (especially in years 1900 – 1989).




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